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When decorating for the holidays, it never hurts to experiment with a little variety. We have several distinctive and unique options available here at Brite Ideas, including the Red and Green LED Peppermint Stick, which is a linkable ornament suitable for display on roof eaves. While a singular unit measures 44 inches across, you can link 20 to 30 of these ornaments, one after another, to give your home or office a vibrant display of red and green lights. Viewed from outside, the linkable ornaments will provide vibrant charm to all those who pass by with the alluring display, which may mimic a giant gingerbread house laced with a traditional Christmas candy. In total, the LED Peppermint Stick has 45 lights, each equipped with a mini bulb, which can be removed if you need to make any replacements. Each part is rectangular in shape, which begins with a red section, followed by a green one, then red again, and ending with a second rectangle of green. The end result is the familiar striping pattern of a peppermint stick. Installation of the Red and Green LED Peppermint Stick is a simple accomplishment with the use of spiral and gable clips. The steel frame holding everything together ensures that the linkable does not become deformed or stressed, especially through winter weather, and you know you’re not stretching it too hard when clipping it to your roof eave. Plus, the use of the steel frame and the nature of linkable decorations reduces the amount of work and stress involved during hanging, requiring only two to three clips at most.


    • Weight: 2.38 lbs
    • Amperage: 0.015
    • Dimensions: 44 in
    • Number Of Lights: 45.00
    • Watts: 1.80
    • Lead Length: 6 in
    • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
    • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
    • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
    • Grade: Commercial
    • Voltage: 120
    • Bulb Type: Mini
    • Removable Bulbs: Yes
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