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Outdoor Sconce Lighting: Styles and Trends

A sconce is a wall-mounted lighting fixture that illuminates and adds character to the outdoor of your home. Here is a break down the basic types and include pictures and links to our favorite styles.


Traditional outdoor sconce lights are typically have a lantern style to them. If your home has a traditional feel, this might be the option for you. Within the traditional style, there are many decorative options, such as, frosted or etched glass. The most popular finish is Bronze.

Traditional Outdoor Wall Light/Water Ripple Glass


Modern sconces often feature sleek, clean lines and minimalist designs, aligning with contemporary aesthetics.

Seeded Glass Outdoor Wall Light


Inspired by maritime elements, these sconces often feature designs reminiscent of ship lights or have coastal-themed details. They are popular for beachfront properties or homes with a nautical theme.

Nautical with Tempered Glass Lens


Industrial outdoor sconces have a utilitarian and rugged appearance, often using materials like metal and showcasing exposed bulbs. They are suitable for urban or industrial-inspired outdoor spaces.

Industrial Rustic Sconce Light


These fixtures often feature simple, clean lines and are inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. Craftsman light fixtures often include geometric structures, simple lines, and natural inspirations. They are suitable for homes with Craftsman-style architecture.

Craftsman Outdoor Wall Light


These fixtures are a midpoint between traditional and contemporary. They are not as ornate, but can offer versatility and can complement various architectural styles.

When choosing outdoor sconce lights, consider the architectural style of your home, the surrounding landscape, and your lighting needs (including lighting temperature) to find a fixture that complements your outdoor space.

Transitional Outdoor Sconce Light

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