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This heavy-duty wire offers E26 sockets spaced every 24" on center to create impressive lighting displays for events and facilities of all types. String across pergolas, shade structures or beams. Or use with a supporting cable to span distances over 50ft.


Key Features

  • Available in 48’ and 100’ lengths. (Length includes 1’ lead and tail for the 48’ and 100’ lengths) end-to-end connectivity available.
  • Suspended socket design with 4" drop. Includes an eyelet for optional cable wires to go through to provide additional support to hold up the string lights. The drop lowers the socket to help provide better illumination.
  • 16 gauge wire. UV resistant wire and sockets resists sun light exposure. Wire rated to 1200 watts.
  • Soft edges to sockets ensure weather-tight seal around thread-in lamps.
  • Adaptable for both indoor (interior) and outdoor (exterior) use.
  • 50 sockets
  • 100 feet long with 24 inch socket spacing
  • 4 inch suspended sockets
  • 1 foot lead and tail length
  • Lamps sold separately

Bistro Lighting Wire with 50 Sockets (100ft)

SKU: LA-ERW-29507100
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