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  • Solid Cast Brass Faceplate
  • Corrosion Resistant Non-Metallic Canister
  • Specification grade, beryllium copper socket
  • Premium grade direct burial cable
  • Anti-Moisture Connections
  • 20W max. halogen
  • Light Bronze standard finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty



The IGL16B, IGL17B, IGL18B and IGL19B are all sealed outdoor lighting well lights that use an MR16 lamp. The socket is mounted on an adjustable gimbal so the lamp angle can be adjusted. The top is thick solid cast brass. The commercial outdoor lighting application glass lens is flush with the top so water cannot puddle. There is a thick rubber gasket between the top and body of the well light for a water tight seal. The lower canister is completely sealed -- the round lead wire uses a waterproof pressure fitting to insure water cannot enter from the bottom of the well light fixture. We offer a variety of solid cast brass top options for any in ground well lighting application. Install it with our Heavy duty PVC Well Light sleeve which provides a durable housing for all Brass In-Ground fixtures.


  • MR16

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