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Stretching five feet in diameter, this enormous LED 60-inch Mixed Pine Wreath from Brite Ideas makes an excellent item for wall ornamentation that is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by with its massive size. It features enough LED lights to decorate most Christmas trees. A stunning seasonal decoration for commercial or residential use, this is a great alternative to a tree. Four hundred warm white lights, with their brilliant yellowish-white auras, shine between the 800 tips of seemingly organic pine needles. The lights themselves are almost as large as the pine cones also being displayed upon the wreath’s figure. The bulbs are also removable should any of them need to be replaced in the future. All of the wiring necessary to power them is green in color, blends seamlessly into the pine needles, and heightens the overall display quality. This product is especially effective for commercial decoration. For instance, if you are spiffing up the office for the holidays and are trying to fill up a blank wall, this one item can substitute for three. But the display options are not limited to indoors, for this enormous holiday decoration can also be employed for exterior showing on the door or window of your restaurant or shop. The LED 60-inch Mixed Pine Wreath can also be used at home. If you’re entering a neighborhood lights display contest, hanging this on your exterior walls or windows is certain to grab the judges’ attention. Impress judges, neighbors, friends, family members, and business associates with the size and beauty of the LED 60-inch Mixed Pine Wreath with Warm White lights this holiday season, and see the repeated looks of awe each year.


    • Weight: 29.10 lbs
    • Amperage: 0.07
    • Dimensions: 60 in
    • Number Of Lights: 200.00
    • Tip Count: 546.00
    • Light Color: Warm White
    • Lead Length: 6 in
    • Tail Length: 1 in
    • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
    • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
    • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
    • Grade: Commercial
    • Voltage: 120
    • Bulb Type: Concave
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