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This Brite Ideas LED 60-inch Wreath Concave comes with a combination of four different colors in its light display. With bulbs of red, green, blue, and yellow adorning its branches, this Christmas decoration is sure to capture people’s attention. The wreath contains 200 LEDs, which feature concave figures to enhance the resulting glow, and every single one of them has been implemented by our staff. We have also taken care in ensuring the cords empowering these LEDs are an appropriate shade of green, so that it can blend in with the structural wreath components. As a result, when you order this Christmas decoration, your only concern is seeking out a locale for display. Its five foot wide diameter might make it too large and encompassing for the usual choice of a door, so a good alternative would be to find an exterior or interior wall, near other decorations. Adding this wreath to the inside of your home or office, for instance, will create a fantastic, charming ambiance, effectively communicating the visual joys of the winter holidays. Or you could hang it on the outside of a building and draw the attention and admiration of those passing by. There’s no need to worry about the ill effects of precipitation, for the LED 60-inch LED Wreath with the multicolored concave bulbs is designed to withstand the elements of outdoor display.


    • Weight: 39.60 lbs
    • Amperage: 0.07
    • Dimensions: 60 in x60 in
    • Number Of Lights: 300.00
    • Tip Count: 1355.00
    • Light Color: Multi
    • Lead Length: 6 in
    • Tail Length: 1 in
    • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
    • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
    • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
    • Grade: Commercial
    • Voltage: 120
    • Bulb Type: Concave
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