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The LED 60-inch Wreath with Red and White Concave Lights by Brite Ideas allows you to use the popular display color of red along with the wintertime-associated hue of white in a way that is both attractive and convenient. This Christmas decoration is equipped for great display with 200 LED lights. Half of them are red, and the other half are white. All the bulbs produce a mighty emanation due to their concaved formation, and none of them need to be installed by the owner. Everything involving installation of the LEDs is handled by our staff and is delivered to you ready for prompt display. No adapter is needed for the lights to glow. Did we mention that the number of possible display locations is more numerous when you use this LED 60-inch Wreath? Whereas some holiday wreaths are best suited for indoor display alone, this five-foot wide beauty is adept for being shown in the outdoors as well. You can hang it above your garage at home or greet your customers and associates at the office with one of these Christmas decorations in your lobby. Imagine how magnificent things will appear to the Christmas carolers and the neighbors with all of these lights outside, with snow pummeling down between them and the 200 LEDs.


    • Weight: 39.60 lbs
    • Amperage: 0.07
    • Dimensions: 60 in x60 in
    • Number Of Lights: 300.00
    • Tip Count: 1355.00
    • Lead Length: 6 in
    • Tail Length: 1 in
    • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
    • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
    • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
    • Grade: Commercial
    • Voltage: 120
    • Bulb Type: Concave
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