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Are you looking to add a little more flair to your stair railing or the patio columns outside your home or office? The LED 9' Garland with warm white concave lights by Brite Ideas can give you the elegant holiday effect you are looking for. This durable, commercial-grade garland is 9 feet long, 12 inches thick at every point, and features 310 faux evergreen tips and 100 brilliant lights. What’s more, it is extremely flexible, allowing you to position it a number of different ways in almost any space. It can be used for indoor and outdoor holiday displays in commercial and residential settings. This commercial-grade garland was designed for years of use. The LED mini bulbs are rated for 3,000 hours of use, but they can be individually removed and replaced, if need be. The lights are spaced 5.5 inches apart from one another, working around all sides of the garland before finally stopping and leaving 6 inches of space for the power cord. No adapter is required. Simply plug in the garland to an outlet and enjoy the classic effect of warm white lights nestled in lush greenery.


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