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Red and green are the two most common colors used when decorating for the holidays, and the 9’ Sierra Garland from Brite Ideas is a versatile Christmas decoration that highlights this tradition. Woven throughout the garland’s artificial evergreen tips are 100 concave LED light bulbs in red and green. Because they are the two signature hues of the holidays, these two colors will fit in nicely with the other holiday decor. And the synthetic pine needles around them will not hinder the ambiance quality. The green LEDs are significantly brighter and more lustrous than the foliage they are emerging from, allowing them to stand out. Each light is 5.5 inches apart from its neighboring bulbs, and 6 inches separates the final LED and the garland’s electrical plug. The garland requires a standard 120v outlet. This commercial-grade garland has been designed for years of use, as the bulbs can be individually removed and replaced. In hanging up the LED 9’ sierra garland with red and green concave lights, you are not limited in options. In addition to boasting a generous length, the garland’s material is extremely flexible. There are a number of positions (spirals, circular formations, in the shape of letters, in a rigid line) you can utilize when displaying this product. The sierra garland is suitable for both interior and exterior display, allowing you to be creative when decorating this holiday season!


    • Weight: 6.23 lbs
    • Amperage: 0.034
    • Dimensions: 12 in x108 in
    • Number Of Lights: 100.00
    • Tip Count: 310.00
    • Lead Length: 6 in
    • Tail Length: 1 in
    • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
    • Male Plug Type: Fused/Stackable
    • Female Plug Type: End-to-End
    • Grade: Commercial
    • Voltage: 120
    • Bulb Type: Concave
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