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The Mega Brite Light System is our signature light! This underwater green fishing light is an engineered green metal halide bulb producing  a 18-22 ft circle of light. The Mega's  iridescent green light will set your dock apart bringing both tranquility as well as  attracting fish.  The Mega Brite System is great for canal homes, and works well in both saltwater and freshwater. Our underwater systems include a dusk to dawn photocell timer.  Upgrade options include: custom timers and a protective cage. 

Color Choice: green, white, blue

Mega Brite Underwater Light System (250 Watts)

  • Specifications and Warranty:

    250 W | 28,000 Lumens | 4 amps | 110 GFCI plug | 2 pin quick connect | 3 year warranty on box | 1 year warranty on bulb

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