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Outdoor Lighting: Hiring a Landscape Lighting Professional

Who are we? LED Accent Outdoor Lighting is a low voltage lighting company that specializes in landscape lighting, permanent holiday lighting, and marina lighting. We have been in business for over 7 years and serve Southeast Texas and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our customer service and our impeccable work.

What are the benefits of outdoor lighting? Here are the top 4 reasons your home will benefit from outdoor lighting:

  1. Improve the aesthetics: An outdoor lighting system allows you to accentuate the features of your home. Simply put, lighting can give your home a facelift and add curb appeal at night.

  2. Get the most use of your space: The sun going down should not end your evening of enjoying your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting can extend your relaxation time on your porch or provide a special ambiance for you and your guests.

  3. Home security and safety: Strategically placed lighting can deter burglars and vandals from your property. Criminals tend to target properties in which they are less likely to to be seen. Lighting can also help to highlight certain areas around your home (steps, roots of trees) to prevent a trip or fall.

  4. Increase the value of your home: Outdoor lighting can increase the value of your home because of the first three things mentioned about its benefits (improved aesthetics, more time to utilize outdoor space, and added security/safety).

Why hire a professional lighting designer? There are several reasons why hiring a lighting professional is the best way to light up your outdoor space:

  1. Fixture Quality: There is a difference in the quality of the products that a lighting designer will use when compared to the big box store brands. These fixtures/lamps usually come with a better warranty as well. This will ensure that you will get longer use out of your investment.

  2. Maintenance: Like with anything we invest in, there are things that can go wrong or simply need maintenance. These can include timer issues, lines cut by landscapers or chewed by dogs, or bulbs going out. Hiring a reliable company/professional can ensure that if/when issues arise, you will have someone to call for help.

  3. Design: Lighting Designers will ensure that the lighting is installed in the areas that will best accentuate your home. There are different types of fixtures, color temperatures, and lighting placements that your lighting designer will have extensive knowledge on to illuminate your outdoor space.

Is professional landscape lighting expensive? An investment in outdoor lighting can be expensive when compared to a DIY lighting project as far as upfront cost. However, as mentioned earlier, the quality of the products are meant to last (especially when compared to big box store brands), they usually come with better warranties, less mistakes from someone attempting it for their first time, and hiring a professional will ensure you have someone to call with any issues that may arise.

Can I add to my outdoor lighting design? Absolutely! Our outdoor lighting experts will be deLIGHTed (haha) to add to/redesign the lighting around added elements. For example, if you decide to add a pool or change your landscaping scheme, we can ensure that your lighting will highlight those changes.


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